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Welcome to the Outpost!

Welcome to Artists-Beware

Artists-Beware is a place where you can post your not-so-pleasant experiences with thieves and scammers here. and you can help spread the word for others in this group.

DeviantART is meant to be a great place for everyone to share and create art, but when there's scammers and thieves running amok, then the fun gets ruined for everyone else

  • Have a problem with a commission you never received?
  • Have a problem with a commissioner who never paid?
  • Have you been scammed out of points, money, or art?
  • Ever been bothered by a rude or unpleasant person breaking DA's rules
  • Ever dealt with a rude art thief or someone who's been tracing art or copying characters?

Then you've came to the right place!


  • You must have evidence within your journal or submission post (links, Screencaps, etc
  • No bullying, spamming, or trolling this group
  • Do not submit anything that is unrelated to the group please
  • We do not accept posts that were solely made to harass and bully users
  • Please submit to the right folder, please
  • You are allowed to submit other users posts here as well

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Update: I found both of his Tumblr pages where he's being the coward he is and responding with his shitposts and

How hilarious that he's so much of a coward and try to hide from all the people he pissed off.

You're a freaking "stupid teenager" dude. If you have something to say, grow a pair and say it HERE, not on your Tumblr, or your Twitter, or what other hellhole you dwell in

Other Journals on this issue:

NightFlightVerselokay this has gotten much worse then we thought, NightFlight is now officially no longer stealing art from just Deviantart.
hes stealing it from EVERYWHERE. tumblr, pinterest, deviantart, facebook,twitter,even GOOGLE SEARCH.
NO ONE, is safe now, if you have drawn httyd art or dragons you will be a target. 
He is also still looking for personal information and illegally using it against his victims. 
hes no longer just stealing httyd fanart now, its ANYTHING thats a dragon thats turns him on.
this has gotten out of control and if this is not fixed soon he will get much worse  
more information can be found here
i have also found out why he is doing all this too, it is his porn, nightflight was stealing dragon art all because it sexually aroused him and was porn to him
found here 
Beware the Following User --Update---- UPDATE IV --
Thanks to the help of a very kind user helping me take actions to defend myself, I am going to report this man.  When I've been paranoid to the point that just browsing the internet is a horribly stressful task, I think something should be done.  I can honestly say I've been through a rollercoaster of emotion - something I rarely experience.  I pride myself on being cool under pressure, and sometime I like to think myself as 'Vulcan', according to my family members.  I struggle sometimes to recognize and deal with emotion when it does come up, so for me to admit that I'm flat out terrified of this guy is immensely difficult - especially because I KNOW this is feeding a troll.  However, just know I am reporting/will have reported him.
After this update I won't be updating this anymore.  I just don't care to pursue this matter further, as it's a waste of my time.  I'm not sure if he's trying to scare me at

Due to the fact that this guy has REFUSED to stop doing thing, and that more people have been targeted by him. I am making this public

The sad fact is that I really wanted to avoid​making this post. But since the issue keeps getting worse. I have no choice. I'm doing this to protect my friends.

Ignoring this person and saying he's just a troll is no longer working. And when I mean by that here's what I'm going to say:

This guy has gone BEYOND the troll level and is NOW breaking actual laws and endangering other people. And even if you try to ignore him, he has clearly stated that he will NOT stop

What he's doing is HIGHLY ILLEGAL

Nightflight Versel, AKA Shea Castaneda, has been going around doing the following offenses:

  • Harassing and stalking people
  • Sending death threats
  • Sexually Harassing MINORS, he's doing this to children and threatening them
  • Stealing artwork (this reason is that he claims stealing it is his porn, which is so fucking disgusting that he's doing this
  • Has claimed to have committed a zoophilic act with his pet, a jack Russell terrier in his words.
  • LEAKING personal information including but not limited to: IP addresses​, Location/Addresses, and the names of his victims
  • Blackmailing victims with their personal information in order to force them to draw his lavender Nightfury OC
  • Has threatened to physically "Find" his victims to take over their social medias and possibly harm them.
  • Has HACKED into someone's account to mine for information

From overall information, he is very aggressive and demanding towards people when they refuse, and has personally attacked them from what I know

And from experience, I've had this guy stalk me on my previous account here CicadaSin and has popped up on my visitor widget several times on this account

He used his banned account xxrashaxxx one of over 300-400 banned accounts he's had on here


Screenshot 2017-04-22-13-23-11 by NEOTIBICEN

This moron has also stole SEVERAL of my artworks and is also the main fucking reason why I refuse any unpaid works

WHAT'S WORSE, is that he has a tendency to bully his victims by making shitposts on his Tumblr because he's too much of a coward to face the music, screenshots by @/Sarah4361 

Death Threat By Sarah4361-db9z176 by NEOTIBICEN
Screenshhhhot 20170522 031144 By Sarah4361-dba14tc by NEOTIBICEN
Stalking By Sarah4361-dba3364 by NEOTIBICEN

Admitted Stalking By Sarah4361-dba54ls by NEOTIBICEN

Seriously? So you're going to bully your victims when they stand up to you and then claim that you own them as your property?

This shows how much of an evil person he is through his actions

What to do:

If you receive any message at all like this:(screen from @/fizzgryphon)

Harassing 1 By Fizzgryphon-db80721 by NEOTIBICEN

Which reads: 

"ahh, id just like to say i really adore your artstyle and talent and have major respect for you---

Damn, I really love your artstyle, it's so cool!
I'mma have to request or art trade you A*'"

Or any misspelled variations like this on Tumblr, Twitter, Fanfiction, Google plus, VK, or the like

BLOCK HIM. Do not make any attempt to engage with him or anything. And if he continues to stalk you afterwards and/or threaten you

Then please do NOT HESITATE to call the Vancouver Washington authorities

Screen Shot 2017 03 29 At 7 41 37 Am By Ashdragon9 by NEOTIBICEN

This screen cap contains the number to the local authorities in his area. CALL THEM and tell them that SHEA CASTANEDA has been threatening you

Please everyone, please do this and stop him once and for all. Because he's refusing to stop this and it's getting even worse as long as this issue goes unsolved

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Macaroni-Civic Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
I want everyone to share this, it's important! 

 Attention to users and godzilla fans!
D0omy Featured By Owner 4 days ago
the most of Hyginustus pictures are stolen arts or even recolours. 
WORSE he even took art without permission to do insulting stuff like this.
Rainbow Dash Swimsuit
Crystal Sunset Shimmer
alicorn rainbowdash
ok at least THEYRE credited but I DO NOT understand fun in it! it IS in that case harrasment

now to the pictures wich are not credited at all
Melon Drop
Grossherzogtum Baden

Rho and colgate
Walther and Blackline *better version
Melon Drop (in that case I have no Idea if its really traced)
Happy birthday senpai :3
i am watching you
now to the recolors
rechtesocke colgate- Rechtesocke wich means in german right sock 
Farbenfroh Lyra heartstring- farbenfroh wich means in german colourful
HeartStorm4ever Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I would like to give a heads up about a huge scammer here on DA. She's being doing this for years and scams real life money!
Here she is:
In her journals it's obvious what she's doing and she even hid some comments on her profile page that were exposing her as a scammer.

I don't know what you can do about it, but I hope that you can do something, since DA staff won't. (I've tried already)
natashaZM Featured By Owner May 12, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I believe we can spread the word about it, but I'm not sure we can do much else, since DA doesn't have much of a policy against scam artists. This issue really needs to be fixed.
HeartStorm4ever Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah. Well, at least spreading the word helps others not to fall for her scams.
wolfspiritlol25 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nawaji-Wolf Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome! group! can someone please do an artist beware for the user KindredGhoul? They legit go looking for any anti-LGBT deviations/users and harasses them, even has told a few to kill themselves. This is unacceptable behavior, regardless if you're gay, trans, bi, whatever. People are allowed to have opposing opinions, no need to harass them for it. ya know?
ara181x3 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Professional Artist
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